Welcome to the world of Dezrixto. Your Quest is to overthrow the great and malicious empire of men which has been an oppressor of elves, orks, dwarves, gnomes and kobolds for nigh on 1,000 years of the imperial calender.

If you wish to optimize your character, or make it better, speak to Charlie (outside of the meetings).

Also, here are the Class Tiers for all of you who thought that a rogue multiclassed with a monk is overpowered.

Zathos’ Plan for other members of the party:

Zathos: A load of masterwork tools for skillmonkerying, haversack later.
Hershey: Fullplate/Halfplate and a heavy wooden shield. Possibly a reliquary holy symbol later on.
Raikus: Not sure yet.
Ben: Not sure yet.
Richard: Not sure yet.


Level 3, XP: 4875
Uhhh…yeah…Zathos is too far ahead. I may go on a sort of side quest, so you guys gain more XP. Basically, Zathos will go somewhere, e.g. the town, and find things out, sell items etc. while you guys kill things.

Level 2, XP: 2325

Level 2, XP: 1000

Ben (has died recently):
Level 2, XP: 1150

Richard (has died recently):
Level 2, XP: 1000

Roles in Party:
Zathos: Melee, Skillmonkey
Hershey: Healer, Buffer
Raikus: Don’t know what build you are going for
Ben: Don’t know what build you are going for
Richard: Don’t know what build you are going for

Hugo's Campaign

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